Our Warranty Policy

We stand behind all of our work and cover it with a warranty, so you can be assured you only pay for the repair once.

• Our standard warranty on repairs is 12 months/12,000 miles.

• Our standard warranty on engine and transmission rebuilds is 3 years/100,000 miles.

 *We advise customers when evaluating prospective repair shops or car dealers to inquire about warranty duration.*

New Car Warranties

Whether your new car is owned or leased, performing mileage maintenance is necessary to keep your warranty valid. At Smithtown General Tire and Service we perform all of these services in a manner guaranteed to keep your warranty valid from the first oil change through the end of your warranty.

Extended Warranties

We routinely work with warranty companies to get your repairs covered, including authorization, inspection and payment of claim.

When purchasing an extended warranty we recommend a warranty that allows other repair shops as well as car dealers to do the repairs.  Be diligent in picking a warranty company as warranties vary.

 If you have questions concerning coverage please call us at 631-543-1505 as we have extensive experience in this area.