Protecting Your Car From Road Salt

Although road salt is necessary for safe transportation when snow and ice accumulate on roads and highways, taking active steps to protect your car from road salt is necessary to avoid rust and corrosion.

Removing Road Salt at the Car Wash

When salt is on the road, washing your car is the major factor in combating corrosion and maintaining the value of your car. Salt that remains on a vehicle surface and undercarriage for any length of time can:

  • Damage your car’s clear finish.
  • Promote rust.
  • Affect the mechanics of your vehicle.

Preventing Salt Damage to Your Car

  • Wash your vehicle as soon as possible after a snow or rain shower if you live in an area subject to acid rain.
  • Wash the underside of your car often during the winter months in a car wash that does not use recycled water.
  • Avoid driving through large puddles of standing water where road salt collects.
  • Wax your vehicle before winter to protect your paint from corrosive salt.